MARIS is a non-profit scientific and technological research organization with fully public capital, participated by INGV-National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the University of Messina. Its mission is divided into the following activities:

  • development and management advanced monitoring systems, such as the detection of electromagnetic radiation, from the lowest frequencies of the spectrum (VLF) to the highest frequencies (Gamma region), detection by air, data acquisition and processing, mapping of areas contaminated with radionuclidical substances
  • design and develop payload sensors for submarine robotics systems for military and civilian applications related to safety (S3MAG2, cobbled MARIS)
  • monitor wave motion with the innovative OS-IS system, Ocean Seismic Integrated Solutions (cobbled MARIS), based on ground-based microseismic measurements
  • apply multiparametric monitoring techniques aimed at coastal erosion and hydrogeological instability
  • design and manage innovative technologies dedicated to the continuous monitoring of urban and industrial wastewater and to water reuse
  • cooperate with other scientific and technological research facilities, as well as with industrial subjects in the field of nanotechnologies applied to the environment, with particular reference to graphene and its applications in the oil pollution and in the prospects of technological innovation on the desalination of marine waters.

MARIS is also active in technological innovation aimed at the safety of people and environmental heritage, cooperating with industrial companies that have consolidated their actions in specific sectors such as technology, metamaterials, environmental engineering for waste disposal with the their economic exploitation and the production of sustainable energy; fire prevention, technological research for the abatement and neutralization of fine particles. In the field of seismic risk prevention and anti-seismic building systems innovation, it is involved in the recent METACOMF-Metamaterials Composite Foundation system, for the dissipation of seismic energy at the building foundation level.

His background is based on the vast experience of study and research of INGV-Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, of which he is direct operative emanation for some highly specialized sectors, as well as of various Universities in Italy and abroad, with which has established relationships of active collaboration.

The innovative strategic research of MARIS is oriented towards the quality of the environment, the control of polluting sources in the biotic and abiotic components, the design and management of environmental rehabilitation interventions and in the mitigation of natural and anthropic risk, the technical-scientific support to Local authorities for the enhancement of coastal-marine systems, also in relation to changes in land use in the face of climate change. He coordinated the development of innovative technological systems in the urban and industrial wastewater treatment cycle, including water recovery.

Furthermore, MARIS carries out high profile multidisciplinary training activities in the energy-environmental field, with particular attention to the technical-management contents of the production of energy from renewable sources, favoring sustainable development processes characterized by efficiency and energy saving. Conducts exploratory investigations and measures, prepares feasibility studies for the energy recovery of biogas in urban solid waste landfills.