Technological Transfer

PETASPIN supports both the scientific research in the field of magnetism and the technological transfer of the research achievements, supporting the third mission of the University of Messina in the field of spintronics.

PETASPIN Business Model

The business model chosen for PETASPIN is based on the collaborative model or “package deal”, i.e. the simulation tool is made available together with the computing infrastructure and the experience and skills of the developers and main users of UNIME, only within a collaboration project. In other words, PETASPIN can provide data-driven design of spintronic devices with potential impact in the realization of innovative hardware solutions for (i) hybrid CMOS-spintronic systems, (ii) Internet of Things, (iii) Artificial Intelligence, and (iv) sensors. The collaboration projects that are proposed are selected by the PETASPIN team based on the characteristics of the potential industrial impact and the originality of the proposal. The service will be free until the end of 2022. Access to the service is subject to the conclusion of a framework cooperation agreement or an agreement with Petaspin and/or the University of Messina, which includes (i) the willingness to provide training courses for students, including doctoral students, (ii) the possibility of financing industrial doctoral fellowships, and (iii) developing collaborative research projects.

PETASPIN studies and provides a spintronic technological solution to a concrete problem proposed by a company, including the link necessaries to convert an idea in a proof-of-concept. PETASPIN has implemented actions on both national and international scale in order to provide services for companies interested in developing the proposed solution with a global value chain.