The University of Messina was founded in 1548 and enjoys a long tradition as a driving force in the Mediterranean area with a strong orientation towards internationalization, innovation and quality of teaching and research.

University of Messina consists in 12 Departments 97 study courses 15 research Doctorate courses 14 Masters degree courses and decentralized teaching structures of Priolo (SR) and Noto (SR).

The University of Catania is the oldest in Sicily, its foundation dates back to 1434, when the King of Spain and Sicily Alfonso of Aragon. The University of Catania has 38 thousand students enrolled in 104 study courses: 47 three-year degrees, 8 single-cycle master’s degrees and 49 master’s degrees. These are accompanied by the post-graduate training offer with 20 research doctorate courses, over 30 first and second level master’s degrees. The organization of teaching is composed by 17 departments, the Faculty of Medicine and the decentralized teaching structures of Ragusa and Syracuse. The Catania High School is also part of the University’s teaching structures.