Sponsorship packages

TMAG2022 organizers would be pleased to receive support from research institutes, associations, and companies.

Support has been already confirmed by IUPAP, the Italian Association of Magnetism, and SPICE.

Organizing committee of TMAG 2022 has defined sponsorship packages for possible supporters, which can combine different issues.

Sponsorship package #1

  • Logo of the supporter on the main and sponsor page of the official TMAG2022 websites (www.unive.it/tmag2022 and www.petaspin.com/tmag2022).
  • Information about the supporter and link to its webpage in the sponsor page.
  • A short video of 10mins presenting the supporter in the sponsor page.
  • Assigned slide in the waiting presentations during technical sessions.
  • Logo in the introducing slides of any presentation uploaded on the Youtube channel “Petaspin” after the conference.
  • Logo on the pdf of the program, uploaded on the website.
  • Logo on any printed material.

The sponsor support is EUR1000.

Sponsorship package #2

  • All that is included in the package #1.
  • Registration fee for one person.
  • Free-standing poster shown in the conference hall.

The sponsor support is EUR1500.

Please, contact the organizers to define your sponsorship package.

We will be pleased to provide you ad-hoc packages and the space you need to advertise your activity.