Trends in Magnetism is a multidisciplinary forum to share the latest advancements in magnetism, with a particular focus on trending topics. 

The core theme of TMAG 2022 will be “Antiferromagnetism and Light” where we want to create a chance for the experts in these two broad fields to meet and move the field forward.

“Light” (from terahertz to X-rays, cw and pulsed) offers a chance to measure many of the properties of antiferromagnets in time and space. However, it is a much more challenging effort than studying ferromagnets, since the principal magneto-optical effects are linear in the net magnetization, which is unfortunately null in these systems. For instance, while ultrathin ferromagnets down to the single atomic layer can routinely be measured nowadays with light, this is not typically the case in antiferromagnets.
With the recent great advancement in the capabilities of laser sources and understanding of antiferromagnets and antiferromagnetic nanostructures, we are at a perfect moment to attempt a “quantum leap” in the field having the best minds in those fields to meet and talk.

Together with the core theme, TMAG will give space to trending topics in all the areas of magnetism, such as:

  • Biomagnetism 
  • Magnetic domain walls
  • Magnetization dynamics 
  • Modeling of magnetic materials  
  • Novel magnetic materials and multilayers 
  • Spin torque switching, spin torque nano-oscillators and detectors 
  • Spin waves and magnonics 
  • Spin-orbit torques 
  • Spintronics for neuromorphic and unconventional computing 
  • Topological magnetism 
  • Ultrafast magnetism