Invited speakers

Keynote talk

Prof. Albert Fert – CNRS, France (The Nobel Prize in Physics 2007) (biography) Title: to be announced

Perspective talk

Prof. Andrew Kent – Professor of Physics, Director Center for Quantum Phenomena, New York University (biography) Title: Spintronics with Ferrimagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Insulators

Prof. Claudia Felser – Max-Planck-Institut Dresden, Germany (biography) Title: Topological magnetic materials

Prof. Pedram Khalili Amiri – Northwestern University, USA (biography) Title: Progress and perspectives on antiferromagnetic memory and computing devices

Prof. Yoshichika Otani – University of Tokyo, Japan (biography) Title: Octupole domain wall dynamics in novel chiral antiferromagnets Mn3X (X = Sn, Ge)

Prof. Yaroslav Tserkovnyak – University of California Los Angeles, USA (biography) Title: From energy storage to neuromorphics based on topological spin textures 

Keynote talk

Prof. Stuart Parkin – Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany (biography) Title: to be announced

Perspective talk

Dr. Peter Fischer – Deputy Division Director Materials Sciences Division | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley (biography) Title: Exploring and harnessing new levels of complexity, frustration and chirality with 3d nanomagnetism

Prof. Yang Hyunsoo – National University of Singapore, Singapore (biography) Title: Unconventional computing and energy harvesting using spin-devices

Prof. Teruo Ono – Kyoto University, Japan (biography) Title: Three dimensional magnetic memory

Prof. Salvador Pané i Vidal – Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich (biography) Title: Magnetic Small-Scale Robots

Dr. Ricardo Ferreira, INL Braga, Portugal (biography) Title: Spintronic Circuits : interconnected resistive networks of spintronic devices with multiple functionalities