Trends in MAGnetism 2020, 7-11 September, Cefalù, Palermo (Italy)

Welcome to the 2020 Trends in Magnetism Conference (TMAG2020). This year the conference will be held in Cefalù (Italy) from the morning of 7 to the late afternoon of 11 September 2020. The scope of the conference is to furnish the trends and the main challenges to face in a wide range of magnetism-related topics, both fundamental and applied. Some sessions will review the latest advances in magnetic materials and devices, topological magnetism, solitons, magnetic characterization, emerging applications, geo-magnetism, neuromorphic computing based on magnetic devices and materials, spin electronics including devices, energy and power applications, spintronics-CMOS ibrid modeling, biomagnetism and much more, with experienced invited speakers and trends tutorials. The conference will also provide an international forum to discuss about those topics and to identify potential future collaborations. We expect to bring together the community of leading researchers working in the area of nanomagnetism, spin dynamics, spin-transport, etc., and their applications.

The conference will be organized at Hotel Cefalù Sea Palace; was born from a brilliant architectural and entrepreneurial project that was designed to make something important in one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, represented by the millenary Cefalù Arab Norman Cathedral with its overhanging Rocca and a laid back town on the water of its ancient marina.

Cefalù (Palermo)