Technical Categories

Topics for the conference include both fundamental and applied aspects of magnonics, spin waves and spintronics with emphasis on:

  • Magnetization dynamics, damping and ultrafast switching
  • Spin waves, magnonics and magnonic applications, Opto-magnonics
  • Spin-wave logic, artificial crystals and quasi-crystals for spin waves
  • Spin waves on curved surfaces and 3D heterostructures
  • Excitations in magnetic textures such as Skyrmion lattices
  • Hybrid magnonic heterostructures (metal-insulator, metal-ferroelectric, metal-antiferromagnet, metal-heavy metal)
  • Domain wall and Skyrmion statics, dynamics and devices
  • Spin torque switching, spin torque nano-oscillators and detectors
  • Static and dynamic spin Hall and spin-orbital torques
  • Spin injection and spin-dependent tunneling
  • Antiferromagnetic spintronics
  • Spintronics for unconventional computing
  • Novel magnetic materials and multilayers