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The IEEE Magnetics Society is the leading international professional organization for magnetism and related professional throughout the world. The IEEE Magnetics Society promotes the advancement of science, technology, applications and training in magnetism. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among  its members and within the global technical community, including education and training of young enginneers and scientists, It seeks to nurture positive interactions between all national and regional societies acting in the field of magnetism.

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) is the only international physics organization that is organized and run by the physics community itself. Its members are identified physics communities in countries or regions around the world.
The IUPAP was established in 1922 in Brussels with 13 Member countries and the first General Assembly was held in 1923 in Paris. It currently has 60 country members.

Petaspin is an Italian association whose main missions are:
(i) to support scientific research in many fields of engineering and applied physics, related to magnetism and spintronics
(ii) to support a Global Value Chain for the technological transfer of spintronic technology
(iii) to support the free dissemination of scientific results through conferences and meetings, also organized in collaboration with other institutions and associations.

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